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ESHG does not provide housing services. Instead, you may contact the official accommodation provider for the conference, MiCo dmc.
They have negotiated specially discounted rates for ESHG delegates at hotels located near the MiCo and in Milan’s city centre.
Accommodation will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Book now to avoid disappointment and secure your discounted rate!

Online form for Individual Bookings

Prices are stated in Euro, per night per room, including breakfast and VAT but excluding city tax.

Access Hotel Info & Booking Form

Group Bookings – applicable for more than 5 rooms

For group bookings, we kindly ask you to contact DMC Mico to arrange details.

MICO DMC s.r.l.
Ms. Mariarosaria Cavaliere
Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1
20149 Milan ITALY

T. +39 02 872 550 50

For information concerning transfers, dinners, hotel meeting rooms and other DMC reqeusts, please write an email to:

For 4 rooms and less, we kindly ask you to fill in the online booking form.

Warning Scam Alert – Special note to exhibitors, speakers and delegates

It is important to be aware that you may be contacted by phone, fax, or email by third party companies that act as travel agencies, wholesalers or destination management companies to solicit you with aggressive or deceptive tactics for room reservations, notably a company called EHS (Exhibitor Housing Services).
Room poachers and pirates may also misrepresent themselves as the official conference housing bureau and may illegally use the conference name or logo, however these companies are neither related nor affiliated with the ESHG and its meetings in any way.
If you are contacted by someone asking if you need a room during ESHG 2018 or if they represent themselves as the official housing bureau for ESHG, please obtain as much information as you can, such as the name of the company, the person calling and their telephone number – then inform us on either at or
According to the information we gathered from our participants over the years, the company EHS makes a number of false and fraudulent claims about the conference designed to obtain your credit card information, including:

  • You have not yet booked/there are issues with your hotel reservation for the ESHG conference;
  • The room rate for the conference has increased and/or rooms are running out and must be booked with EHS as soon as possible;
  • Hotel rooms for the conference can only be booked through EHS;
  • EHS can get you a cheaper room rate than the conference organizers; or
  • Hotel rooms for the conference are sold out and that they can help find you alternatives hotels.

Be aware that this is a scam designed to obtain your credit card information and/or to make phony charges to your credit card. Please use extreme caution when contacted by EHS. The EHS representatives are extremely pushy, prodding, even convincing.
We recommend that you do NOT give this company your credit card number, personal information, or any details about your hotel reservation. We have heard that conference speakers and attendees that have given EHS their credit card information have incurred substantial credit card charges (cancellation fees, service fees, etc). Additionally, the hotel room reservations are never made and the attendees are left without hotel reservations for the conference.
Please also note that:
Neither the ESHG nor Mico DMC (our actual hotel agent) will call you to solicit reservations.
You may receive emails regarding housing, but note that the only official emails will come from an email address ending in “”, “”. Booking confirmations will be sent

If you choose to reserve you accommodation for the ESHG, you should only use the links provided or by calling the phone numbers above. If you are unsure of who has contacted you regarding your hotel reservations or if one of these scammers has contacted you, please inform the ESHG at or as soon as possible.


Please note that accommodation issues are under the sole responsibility of DMC Mico. The ESHG cannot take any liability for the provided service. Terms and conditions of DMC Mico can be found on their website.

If you wish to report a problem that occurred during the procedure, please contact the ESHG by email.

For enquiries please contact:

MiCo dmc
Ms. Mariarosaria Cavaliere
P.le Carlo Magno 1 – 20149 Milan – ITALY
T:+39 02 -87255050